From 1980 we operate in the market of pebbles

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Stone Specialists

At our company you will find every type of pebble, selected by shape, colour and size, from 2 cm to over one metre.

River pebbles

The natural pebbles are rounded due to the rolling and the wear created by the water in the riverbed

Natural processing

It is a natural machining process in which the most fragile material breaks, the remainder is blunted and rounded.

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Marble pebbles

The marble pebbles are products derived from processing, these pebbles are obtained by means of artificial rounding processes

Derived from machining

Thanks to a rich variety of colours, they are very suitable for furniture and gardening.

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Le pietre lavorate sono dei prodotti ottenuti tramite dei procedimenti di segagione, tranciatura e frantumazione.

Petre lavorate

Thanks to a rich variety of colours and typologies, they are very suitable for use with a safe aesthetic effect.

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Our values

F. Lli Forti Snc is a dynamic and innovative reality of the validity of the products that it deals with a thirty years experience but with an eye of regard also to the innovation.

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